The Video Steam Company: The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll (1984)

UK, 19 January 1984
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

Series: The Steam Video Company (1984) – series 1, episode 1

A British comedy science fiction/horror television episode directed by David G. Hillier.

Plot Summary

A spoof of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


Directed by: David G. Hillier
Thames Television
Executive Producer: Mark Stuart
Producer: David G. Hillier
[Written] By: Andrew Marshall, David Renwick
Lighting Director: Ken Tester Brown
Senior Cameraman: Peter Howell
O.B. Cameraman: Mike Hobbs
O.B. Engineering Manager: Tony Taylor
Videotape Editors: Dave Lewinton, Terry Badham, Grant Goodwin
Vision Mixer: Nick Bigsby
Vision Control: Bill Marley
Signature Tune: Mark King, Mike Lindup
Pianist: Sam Harding
Sound Supervisor: Bill Rawcliffe
O.B. Sound: Ivan Ager
Costume: Allard Tobin
Make Up Supervisor: Carol Cooper
Designer: Harry Clark
Graphic Designer: Jane Vickery
Studio Supervisor: Peter Groome
Stage Manager: Tricia Barnes
Floor Manager: Patrick Vance
Production Assistant: Hazel Cleasson
Casting Director: Pat Hayley

William Franklyn
Barry Cryer
Anna Dawson
Bob Todd
Madeleine Smith
Jimmy Mulville
Bob Danvers Walker (and the voice of)