The Victor (1985)

UK, 1985
35mm film
colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

A British animated fantasy film directed by Derek Hayes and Philip Austin.


Directed by: Derek Hayes, Philip Austin
© Channel 4
Animation City for Channel 4 in association with National Film Finance Corporation
Production Manager: Mandy Groves
Written by: Derek Hayes, Phil Austin
Animator: Bill Hajee, William Mobberley, Gaston Marzio, Kevin Molloy, Anna Brockett, Gary McCarver, Derek Hayes, Phil Austin
Assistant Animator: Ric Machin, Stella Benson, Charlie Slade, Liz Spencer, Paul Stone, Bob Wilk, Theresa Wiseman, Aruna Douglas, Bill Lee, Lys Flowerday
Backgrounds: Denis Ryan
Paint & Trace: Steve Calvert, Debbye Evans, Kerry Gulliver, Angela Hayes, Lee Hill, Terry Kester, Loraine Marshall, Alan Moss, Andrea Plummer, Richard Stuart
Paint Co-ordinator: Julia Llewellyn
Paint & Trace: Alexy Allen, Lynn Anderson, Beatrice Blot
Rostrum Camera: Terry Handley
Editor: Lesley Manning
Music: Dirk Higgins
Sound Assistant: Diana Ruston
Designer: Lin Jammet

Robert Llewellyn
David Tate
Shaun Curry



  • Broadcast 13 December 1985 p.11 – note