The Veil (1958)

1 series, 11 episodes, average 25m
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

An American horror television series hosted by Boris Karloff. Twelve episodes were recorded but the series was never broadcast following internal problems at producers Hal Roach Studios and the collapse of a co-production arrangement National Telefilm Associates. In the late 1960s footage from several episodes was edited together to form television films and the episodes themselves were subsequently released on DVD by Something Weird Video and Timeless Media Group. An episode of Telephone Time (1957-1958), The Vestris (1957) is thought of as an unofficial pilot for the series 1As explained on the Timeless Media website].


An anthology of short horror and mystery stories.


Vision of Crime (1958)
Girl on the Road (1958)
Food on the Table (1958)
The Doctors (1958)
The Crystal Ball (1958)
Genesis (1958)
Destination Nightmare (1958)
Summer Heat (1958)
The Return of Madame Vernoy (1958)
Jack the Ripper and Other Tales (1958)
Peggy (1958)



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