The Vampire Is Alive (1989)

Hong Kong,
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English (dubbed)

A Hong Kong horror film directed by the almost certainly pseudonymous Edgar Jere. It is comprised of an old Thai action film edited into newly shot footage. The credits are all anglicised and almost certainly fake.

Plot Summary

A western screenwriter in Hong Kong is possessed by evil spirits.


* = uncredited

Director: Edgar Jere
© Filmark International Ltd.
Filmark International presents a Tomas Tang production of a [sic] Edgar Jere film
Producer: Tomas Tang
Associate Producer: Dallie Yeung
Screenplay: Roger Markham
Photography: Arthur Brush
Film Editor: George Lewis
Music: James Langton
Sound Editor: Timothy Hart
Dubbing: Henry Monroe
Costumes: Danny Shell
Make-up: Millie Myer
Special Effects: Edwin Morgan
Production Designer: Tomas Tang
Art Director: Ricky Rose
Sets: Jerry Cross
Action Director: Bruce Jackson

Cynthia Rose
Tony Job
Harriet Browne
Bob Poe
Mick Taft
Andrew Brook
Mark Ford
Janet Watts
Patrick Court
Sorapong Chatree [Paul – uncredited]
Chien Sun *

Alternative Titles

Counter Destroyer
Devil dynamite: El diablo de la dinamita
– Spanish title

See also
Devil Dynamite (1987)
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