The Vampire Interviews (1994)

black and white, colour
mono, English

An American non-fiction film directed by Ted Newsom.


A documentary about the history of the vampire in cinema.


Directed by: Ted Newsom
Heidelberg Films
Executive Producers: Richard Foos, Arny Schorr
Producer: Ted Newsom
Associate Producer: Bill Kelley
Assistant Director: Jonny M. Duffy
New York Assistant Director: Bruce G. Hallenbeck
London Assistant Directors: Chrissie Hines, John Stoker
Lighting: Janis Erwin
Camera Operators: Ron Hamill, Robert Hayes, Andrew Watt
Editors: Ray Baden, Keith Fernandes, Tom Reichlin
Sound: Harvey Edwards, David Lakin
Make Up: Lydia V. Duffy
Production Liasion: Mark Kalmus

Roy Ward Baker (interviewee)
Nick Bougas (interviewee)
Veronica Carlson (interviewee)
Michael Carreras (interviewee)
Joe Dante (interviewee)
Freddie Francis (interviewee)
Christopher Lee (interviewee)
Ferdy Mayne (interviewee)
Douglas McFerran (interviewee)
Caroline Munro (interviewee)
Amanda Osborne (interviewee)