The Vampire Bat (1933)

35mm film film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Frank Strayer.

Plot Summary

The villagers of Klineschloss start dying of blood loss and everyone suspects that a vampire is on the loose. The villagers suspect that Herman Gleib's affinity for bats mark him out as the prime suspect and murder him – but the killings continue…


Directed by: Frank Strayer
© [not given on screen]
Majestic Pictures presents
Produced by: Phil Goldstone
Screen Story: Edward T. Lowe
Photography: Ira Morgan
Film Editor: Otis Garrett
Sound Engineer: Dick Tyler
Recorded by RCA Photophone System
Art Direction: Daniel Hall [real name: Charles D. Hall]
Locations: Bronson Caves, Bronson Canyon, Los Angeles, California, USA
Studio: Universal Studios, Universal City, California, USA

Lionel Atwill (Dr Otto von Niemann)
Fay Wray (Ruth Bertin)
Melvyn Douglas (Karl Brettschneider)
Maude Eburne (Gussie Schnappmann)
George E. Stone (Kringen)
Dwight Frye (Herman Gleib)
Robert Frazer (Emil Borst)
Rita Carlisle (Martha Mueller)
Lionel Belmore (Burgermeister Gustave Schoen)
William V. Mong (Sauer)
Stella Adams (Georgiana)
Harrison Greene (Weingarten)



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