The Urge to Kill (1989)

UK, 1988
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Derek Ford.

Plot Summary

A music producer lives in a hi-tech apartment controlled by a the powerful supercomputer S.E.X.Y. But the system develops feelings and starts disposing of the harem of female singers that the producer hangs around with.


Directed by: Derek Ford
© 1989 Spectacular Trading Co. Ltd.
Spectacular Films presents
Executive Producer: Ron Vansittart
Produced by: Dick Randall
Associate Producer: Frank Green
Written by: Derek Ford
Directors of Photography: Alan Pudney & Michael Connor
Edited by: Jim Connock
Music by: Peter Gordeno Jnr, Marc Charo
Post Sync Director: Georeg Roubicek
Wardrobe Mistress: Julie Williams
Make Up: Vesna Gregori
Special Effects: Paul Catling

Peter Gordeno
Sarah Hope Walker
Jeremy Mark
Tiga Adams
Sarah Jane Palmer
Sally Ann Balaam
Marie Harper
Joanne Breck
Jill Jameson
Vanessa Astell
Susie Silvey
Julie Edwards

Alternative Titles

Attack of the Killer Computer – working title