The Underwater City (1961)

USA, 1961
35mm film, “Eastman Color by Pathe”1The film was shot in colour but was originally released to cinemas in black and white prints.
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English

An American science fiction film directed by Frank McDonald.

Plot Summary

A team of scientists research the effects of living in an underwater city for extended periods of time.


Directed by: Frank McDonald
© MCMLXI [1961] by Columbia Pictures Corporation
A Neptune production
Produced by: Alex Gordon
Written by: Owen Harris [real name: Orville H. Hampton]
Conceived by: Alex Gordon and Ruth Alexander
Assistant Director: Robert Agnew
Director of Photography: Gordon Avil
Film Editors: Al Clark, Donald W. Starling
Music: Ronald Stein
Sound Supervisor: Charles J. Rice
Sound: George Cooper
Make-up Supervision: Ben Lane
Fantascope Effects: Howard A. Anderson Co.
Special Effects Co-ordinator: Howard C. Lydecker
Art Director: Don Ament
Production Assistant: Jack Cash

William Lundigan (Bob Gage)
Julie Adams (Dr Monica Powers)
Roy Roberts (Tim Graham)
Carl Benton Reid (Dr Junius Halstead)
Chet Douglas (Chuck Marlow)
Paul Dubov (George Burnett)
Karen Norris (Phyllis Gatewood)
Kathie Browne (Dotty Steele)
Edward Mallory (Lt Wally Steele)

Alternative Titles

A Cidade Submarina – Brazilian title
La Cité sous-marine – French Belgian title
La ciudad submarina – Mexican title

Production Notes

Production began on 7 March 1961 2Variety 3 May 1961 p.28.


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Variety 3 May 1961 p.28 – credits (Hollywood production pulse)

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