The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)

35mm film

An American comedy horror film directed by T.L.P. Swicegood.

Plot Summary

An undertaker and his two restaurant owner friends drum up business by murdering people, the restaurant owners cooking up body parts in their food and the undertaker burying what's left.


Directed by: T.L.P. Swicegood
Eola Pictures © MCMLXVI [1966]
T.L.P. Swicegood, David C. Graham present
Executive Producer: David C. Graham
Producer: Alex Grattan
Written by: T.L.P. Swicegood
Director of Photography: Andrew Janczak
Film Editor: Thomas Luther
Music Composed and Conducted by: Johnny White
Sound Mixer: Jacques Mainferme
Wardrobe: Peggy Tussey
Makeup: John De Haven, Lili
Hairdresser: Mary Wilcox
Special Effects: Steve Karkus
Art Director: Mike McCloskey

Warrene Ott
Rad Fulton
Marty Friedman
Sally Frei
Rick Cooper
Ryck Rydon
Charles Fox
Karen Ciral
Dodie Warren
Tiffany Shannon Ohara
Vince Harris
Barbra Heart
Florence Dupree
Robert Lowery
Ray Dannis (the undertaker)

Alternative Titles

El enterrador y sus colegas – Spanish title

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