The Unborn II (1994)


An American horror film directed by Rick Jacobson.

Plot Summary

An experiment in human fertility has created a brood of psychotic who are being hunted by a woman assassin.


Directed by: Rick Jacobson
© 1993 The Pacific Trust
New Horizons
Author: Pacific Trust
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Produced by: Mike Elliott
Co-Producer: Scott Philip Levy
Screenplay by: Mark Evan Schwartz and Daniella Percell
From a Story by: Rob Kerchner
Director of Photography: Mike Gallagher
Edited by: John Gilbert
Music by: John Graham
Sound Mixer: Christopher Taylor
Costume Designer: Kristin Burke
Key Make-up: Elisabeth Fry
Baby Joey Designed by: Gabe Bartolos (sic)
Baby Joey EFX: Atlanta West EFX Crew
Miniature Effects by: Doublin Effects
Production Designer: Robin Nixon

Michele Greene (Catherine Moore)
Scott Valentine (John Edson)
Robin Curtis (Linda Holt)
Leonard O. Turner (Lieutenant Briggs)
Brittney Powell (Sally Anne Philips)
Carole Ita White (Marge Philips)
Michael James McDonald (in opening credits) Michael McDonald (in closing credits) (welfare worker 1)
Sheila Travis (welfare worker 2)
Darryl Heniques (in opening credits) Darryl Henriques (in closing credits) (Artie Philips)
Anneliza Scott (Officer Craig)
Ron Melendez (Rick)
Kat Sawyer-Young (Mrs Sanchez)
Jill Pierce (young woman)
Lori Lively (maternity ward nurse)
Patrick Statham (security guard #1)
Jim Scholl (security guard #2)
Bob McFarland (cop)
Matt Warren (cop #2)
Patrick Husted (doctor)
Roger Hall (Lexus owner)

Alternative Titles

Baby Blood II – video title

Sequel to
The Unborn (1991)


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