The Ultimate Warrior (1975)

USA, 1975
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American science fiction film directed by Robert Clouse.

Plot Summary

New York City, 2012. A global pandemic has ravaged the world’s population and damaged the crops almost beyond saving. Baron leads a small band of survivors in a sealed enclave, fending off attacks from street gangs and more organised groups like that led by Carrot. Among his people are Cal, a former scientist who has developed a strain of seed that might flourish if they can get them to more fertile soil and his wife/Baron’s daughter Melissa who is carrying her first child. Fearing that the gangs are becoming more of a threat, Baron recruits the help of a mercenary, Carson. But Baron has other plans – he wants Carson to help lead Melissa and the seeds to safety on a small island off the coast of North Carolina. As order within Baron’s community begins to collapse, Carson and Melissa head into the city’s long-abandoned subway system, Carrot and his brutal gang in hot pursuit.


Directed by: Robert Clouse
© MCMLXXV [1975] by Warner Bros. Inc.
Warner Bros. Pictures [logo]. A Weintraub-Heller production. A Serette, Ltd./Spellman feature
Produced by: Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller
Written by: Robert Clouse
Director of Photography: Gerald Hirschfeld
Film Editor: Michael Kahn
Music by: Gil Mellé
Sound: Darin Knight
Costume Designer: Ann McCarthy
Makeup: Marvin Westmore
Hairdresser: Eddie Barron
Special Effects: Gene Griggs
Special Visual Effects: Van Der Veer Photo Effects
Art Director: Walter Simonds
Filmed at The Burbank Studios, Burbank, California

Yul Brynner (Carson)
Max von Sydow (Baron)
Joanna Miles (Melinda)
Richard Kelton (Cal)
Stephen McHattie (Robert)
Darrell Zwerling (Silas)
Lane Bradbury (Barrie)
Nate Esformes (Garon)
Alex Colon
William Smith (Carrot)
Mel Novak (Lippert)
Mickey Caruso (B. Harkness)
Gary Johnson (L. Harkness)
Susan Keener (angry woman)
Stevie Myers (ice house woman)
Fred Slyter (store room clerk)
Reggie Parton, Larry Bischof (Baron’s guards)
Pat Johnson, Henry Kingi (Carrot’s men)

Alternative Titles

Gli avventurieri del pianeta Terra – Italian title
The Baron – working title
Baronia – Romanian title
The Barony – alternative title
Dødens by – Danish title
O Guerreiro do Futuro – Brazilian title
Krieger der Apokalypse – West German television title
The Last Warrior – alternative title
New York antwortet nicht mehr – Austrian, West German title
New York ne répond plus – French, French Canadian title
Um Novo Amanhecer – Portuguese title
Nueva York, año 2012 – Spanish title
Un nuevo amanecer – Argentine title
Ostatni wojownik – Polish title
Războinicul suprem – Romaniam title
S.O.S Nea Yorki den apanta – Greek title
SF Saigo no kyojin – Japanese title
SF最後の巨人 – Japanese title
O teleftaios mahitis – Greek video title
The Ultimate Warrior – New York antwortet nicht mehr – West German title
O Último Guerreiro – Brazilian video title
Az utolsó harcos – Hungarian title
Tuhon aika – Finnish title
Последний воин – Soviet Union (Russian title


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