The Two Ronnies: 25 December 1987

UK, 25 December
videotape, 16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Two Ronnies (1971-1987) – special

A British fantasy television episode directed by Marcus Mortimer. It was the last ever episode of the popular comedy sketch series.


Among the sketches is a lengthy piece titled II: Killer Doll.


Directed by: Marcus Mortimer
Executive Producer: Michael Hurll
Produced by: Marcus Mortimer
Written by: Bryan Blackburn, Spike Mullins, David Renwick, Laurie Rowley, Gerald Wiley [real name: Ronnie Barker]
Lighting: Graham Rimmington
Camera Supervisors: John Vincent, Roger Fenna
Film Cameraman: Keith Burton
Videotape Editor: Peter Bird
Film Editor: John Dunstan
Vision Mixer: Bill Morton
Musical Director: Ronnie Hazelhurst
Sound: David Thompson
Film Sound: Martyn Clift
Costume Designer: Mary Husband
Make-Up Designer: Jan Sewell
Visual Effects Designer: Tony Harding
Video Effects; Dave Jervis, Adam McInnes
Design: James Grant

Ronnie Barker
Ronnie Corbett
Lynda Baron
Sandra Dickinson
Frank Finlay
Charlton Heston
Elton John
Alfred Marks
Denis Quilley
Ed Bishop
Alec Bregonzi
Maria Charles
John Owens
Walter Sparrow
Derek Ware
The Jeff Thacker Dancers
The Fred Tomlinson Singers