The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play/Grace Note (1986)

USA, 4 April
35mm film, colour, 4:3
stereo, English
Series: The Twilight Zone (1985-1989) – series 1, episode 23

An American fantasy television episode directed by Paul Lynch and Peter Medak.

Plot Summary

Shadow Play: Death Row inmate Adam Grant believes that all those involved in his trial will cease to exist if he is executed. Grace Note: Aspiring opera singer Rosemarie Miletti has a vision of her future.


Directed by: Paul Lynch (Shadow Play); Peter Medak (Grace Note)
Persistence of Vision Films, CBS Entertainment Production
Created by: Rod Serling
Executive Producer: Philip DeGuere
Produced by: Harvey Frand
Teleplay by: James Crocker (Shadow Play); Patrice Messina (Grace Note)
Based on the Story and Teleplay by: Charles Beaumont (Shadow Play)
Directors of Photography: Chuck Arnold (Shadow Play); Robert Seaman (Grace Note)
Music by: Merl Saunders (Shadow Play); Robert Drasnin (Grace Note)
Original Theme: Marius Constant
New Title Theme: The Grateful Dead, Merl Saunders
Visual Effects Producer: Jim Michaels

Shadow Play
Peter Coyote (Adam Grant)
Janet Eilber (Erin Jacobs)
Deborah May (Carol Ritchie)
Raymond Bieri (Flash)
William Schallert (Father Grant)
William Smith (guard)
Earl Billings (Jimmy)
George O. Petrie (judge)
Guy Boyd (Mark Ritchie)
Hank Garrett (warden)
Ella Raino Edwards (oreman)
Gilbert De la Pena (Munoz)

Grace Note
Julia Migenes Johnson (Rosemarie Miletti)
Sydney Penny (Mary Miletti)
Rhoda Gemignani (Angelina)
Kay E. Kuter (Maestro Barbieri)
Catherine Paolone (Dorothy age 35)
Ross Evans (Sam)
Ruth Zakarian [real name: Devon Pierce] (Theresa)
Gina Marie Vinaccia (Dorothy age 9)
Elliott Scott (Joey)
Toni Sawyer (older woman)
Tom Finnegan (cabbie)
Craig Schaefer (guard)
Sandy Lipton (woman)
Charles Aidman (narrator)

Remake of
The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play (1961)