The Tragedy of Macbeth (1971)

35mm film, Todd-AO 35, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American/British historical drama with elements directed by Roman Polanski.

Plot Summary

The Scottish lord Macbeth murders the king and steals the throne. His wife suffers a nervous breakdown brought on by guilt and begins to hallucinate, eventually throwing in her lot with dead king's son in an effort to topple Macbeth from his seat of power.


Directed by: Roman Polanski
© 1971 by Playboy Productions Inc and Columbia Pictures Industries Inc
Columbia Pictures presents a Playboy production of Roman Polanski's film… Made for Playboy Productions by Caliban Ltd
Executive Producer: Hugh M. Hefner
Assistant Executive Producer: Victor Lownes
Produced by: Andrew Braunsberg
Associate Producer: Timothy Burrill
Screenplay by: Roman Polanski & Kenneth Tynan
By: William Shakespeare
Director of Photography: Gil Taylor
Editor: Alastair McIntyre
Music by: The Third Ear Band
Sound Mixer: Simon Kaye
Costume Designer: Anthony Mendleson; Evangeline Harrison [uncredited]
Chief Make-up Artist: Tom Smith
Chief Hair Stylist: Biddy Chrystal
Special Effects: Ted Samuels
Production Designer: Wilfrid Shingleton
Made at: Shepperton Studios, London, England
Locations: Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, England, UK; Ffestiniog, Wales, UK; Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, England, UK; St Aidan's Church, Northumberland, England, UK [all uncredited]

Jon Finch (Macbeth)
Francesca Annis (Lady Macbeth)
Martin Shaw (Banquo)
John Stride (Ross)
Nicholas Selby (Duncan)
Terence Bayler (Macduff)
Stephan Chase (Malcolm)
Paul Shelley (Donalbain)
Noel Davis (Seyton)
Richard Pearson (doctor)
Andrew Laurence (Lennox)
Bernard Archard (Angus)
Sydney Bromley (porter)
Ian Hogg (first thane)
Diane Fletcher (Lady Macduff)
Bruce Purchase (Caithness)
Frank Wylie (Menteith)
Noelle Rimmington (third witch)
Maisie MacFarquhar (first witch)
Elsie Taylor (second witch)
Keith Chegwin (Fleance)

Alternative Titles

– Polish title

Extracts included in
Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time (1992)



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