The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

35mm film, Colorscope, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American/British horror film directed by Roger Corman. It is the last of Corman's series of Edgar Allan Poe adaptations and was filmed entirely in the UK.

Plot Summary

Verden Fell is obsessed with his late wife, Ligeia and begins to wonder if she's really as dead as he thinks she is. His new wife, Rowena, soon starts to show signs of having been possessed by a vengeful Ligeia.


Directed by: Roger Corman
© copyright by Alta Vista Film Productions Limited MCMLXIV [1964]
An Anglo-Amalgamated presentation [UK prints]. A Roger Corman production
Produced by: Pat Green [UK prints]
Screenplay by: Robert Towne
From the Story by: Edgar Allan Poe
Photographed by: Arthur Grant
Editor: Alfred Cox
Music Composed and Conducted by: Kenneth V. Jones
Sound Recordists: Bert Ross, John Aldred
Wardrobe Mistress: Mary Gibson
Make-Up Artist: George Blackler
Hairdresser: Pearl Orton
Special Effects: Ted Samuels
Art Director: Colin Southcott
Made at Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, England

Vincent Price (Verden Fell)
Elizabeth Shepherd (Lady Rowena [Trevanion] & the Lady Ligeia [Fell])
John Westbrook (Christopher Gough)
Derek Francis (Lord Trevanion)
Oliver Johnston (Kenrick)
Richard Vernon (Dr Vivian)
Frank Thornton (Peperel)
Ronald Adam (minister at graveside)
Denis Gilmore (livery boy)
Penelope Lee (Rowena's maidservant)

Alternative Titles

Das Grab der Lygeia – Germany
Das Grab des Grauens – Germany
Grobowiec Ligei – Poland
Last Tomb of Ligeia
Mannen i vaxkabinettet – Sweden
Mies vahakabinetissa – Finland
Tomb of the Cat
La tumba de Ligia – Venezuela
La tomba di Ligeia – Italy



Kinematograph Weekly no.2980 (12 November 1964) p.16
In spite of being adapted from Poe, this is not one of Roger Corman's best efforts because the plot is extremely tortuous and not quite swift enough to gloss over the impossibilities. It is good fun, though, and it is beautifully dressed and photographed with a fine sense of period and atmosphere. Vincent Price gives a typically smooth performance as the luckless Verden, and Elizabeth Shepherd achieves the remarkable by making the unlikely role of Rowena into an almost believable character. Both are helped by a script well above average. – from an uncredited review



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