The Titan (2017)

UK, USA, Germany, Spain, 2017
97m 13s
digital video, colour
stereo, English

A British/American/German/Spanish science fiction film directed by Lennart Ruff.

Plot Summary

In the near future Mankind is looking for a new home and looks to Saturn's moon . An Air Force pilot volunteers for an experiment that will transform him into a superhuman who can survive the dangerous alien environment and begin the colonisation process.


Directed by: Lennart Ruff
© 2017 Reliance Entertainment Productions 3 Ltd
In association with Voltage Pictures. A 42/TAC/Automatik production in association with Nostromo Pictures, The Post Republic
Executive Producers: Rory Aitken, Joshua Horsfield, Michael Reuter, Laure Vaysse, Adrián Guerra, Nicolas Chartier, Jonathan Deckter
Produced by: Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Arash Amel, Ben Pugh, Fred Berger, Leon Clarance
Co-producer: Jo Monk
Line Producer: Toni Novella
Associate Producer: Max Hurwitz, Olive Uniacke
Screenplay by: Max Hurwitz
Story by: Arash Amel
Director of Photography: Jan-Marcello Kahl
Edited by: Caroline Biesenbach, Dominic LaPerriere
Music by: Fil Eisler
Additional Music: Alexis Grapsas
Sound Engineers: Albert Manera, Albert Manera
Costume Designer: Caroline Harris
Make-up Designer: Ana López-Puigcerver
Hair Designer: Ignasi Ruiz
Special Make-up Effects Design by/Special Makeup Effects by: Millennium FX
Special Effects Supervisor: Pau Costa
Visual Effects by: Automatik VFX Ltd
Production Designer: Julian R. Wagner

Sam Worthington (Lieutenant Rick Janssen)
Taylor Schilling (Dr Abigail Janssen, ‘Abi')
Agyness Deyn (Dr Freya Upton)
Nathalie Emmanuel (Warrant Officer Tally Rutherford)
Noah Jupe (Lucas Janssen)
Corey Johnson (Colonel Jim Petersen)
Aleksander Jovanovic (Sergeant Anton Werner)
Diego Boneta (Dr Luis Hernández)
Aaron Heffernan (Corporal Zane Gorski)
Alex Lanipekun (Andrew Rutherford)
Naomi Battrick (Rayenne Gorski)
Steven Cree (Major Timothy Pike)
Nathalie Poza (Captain Vita Ramos)
Françesc Garrido (Colonel Solano)
Kyle Soller (Dr Elliot Blake)
Tom Wilkinson (Professor Martin Collingwood)
Ben Aldridge (Lawrence)
Gustavo Salmerón (Felipe Ramos)
Noemi Parpaiola (Agnes Ramos)
Megan Rowland (Zoe Gorski)
Andrés González Cano (Aiden Gorski)
Samuel González Cano (Caden Gorski)
Rory Challands (news reporter)


Time Out no.2475 (10-16 April 2018) p.44
[R]ather gloomy sci-fi… The shoestring budget doesn't excuse the lack of story and the thin characters. Even Taylor Schilling can't find a spark in the dutiful wife role. – from a review by Dan Jolin



Sight & Sound vol.28 no.5 (May 2018) p.79 – illustrated credits, synopsis, review (by Anton Bitel)
Time Out no.2475 (10-16 April 2018) p.44 (illustrated review (Also opening by Dan Jolin)