The Tingler (1959)

35mm film, black and white, colour, 1.37:1 [negative ratio], 1.85:1 [intended ratio]
mono, English

An American horror film directed by William Castle.


Pathologist Dr Warren Chapin's researches discovers that in humans generates a creature that he names “the tingler” and which grows at the base of the spine, causing its victim to die of shock. The only way to defeat the tingler is to scream – “Scream for your lives!”


Directed by: William Castle
© MCMLIX [1959] by Columbia Pictures Corporation
A William Castle production
Produced by: William Castle
Written by: Robb White
Assistant Director: Herb Wallerstein
Director of Photography: Wilfred M. Cline
Film Editor: Chester W. Schaeffer
Music by: Von Dexter
Recording Supervisor: John Livadary
Sound: Harry Mills
RCA Sound Recording
Art Director: Phil Bennett
Set Decorator: Milton Stumph
Associate to the Producer: Dona Holloway

Vincent Price (Dr Warren Chapin)
Judith Evelyn (Martha Higgins)
Darryl Hickman (David Morris)
Patricia Cutts (Isabel Stevens Chapin)
Pamela Lincoln (Lucy Stevens)
Philip Coolidge (Oliver ‘Ollie' Higgins)
Gail Bonney, Clarence Straight [audience members] *
William Castle [himself] *
Pat Colby, Amy Fields [young couple in audience] *
Bob Gunderson [condemned man] *
Dal McKennon [projectionist] *

Alternative Titles

Gyseren – Denmark
Il mostro di sangue – Italy
Schrei, wenn der Tingler kommt – West Germany
Värisyttäjä – Finland

Extracts included in
It Came from Hollywood (1982)
Scream for Your Lives! William Castle and The Tingler (1999)



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