The Three Princes (1970)

UK, 23 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television play directed by Mark Cullingham, Kenneth MacKintosh and William Hobbs.


Directed by: Mark Cullingham, Kenneth MacKintosh, William Hobbs
Producer: Ronald Travers
[Written] By: Rex Tucker
Designer: Jeremy Davies

Timothy Dalton (Ahmed)
Isla Blair (Princess Yasmin)
Gordon Gostelow (the carpet dealer)
Peter Jeffrey (the sun prince)
Roy Kinnear (the moon prince)
Kenneth MacKintosh (the caliph)
Neil Fitzpatrick (janissary)
Frank Wylie (Egyptian)
Roderick Horn (Persian)
Frederick Pyne (Indian)
William Hobbs (Chinese)
Oliver Cotton (Tibetan)
Louise Breslin (Shalima)
William Hoyland (vizier)
Roy Pearce (soldier)
Gavin Richards (Kafur)
Roger Kemp (doctor)
Marc Gebhard (Ali)