The Thirteenth Chair (1929)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Tod Browning.

Plot Summary

When his friend is murdered, Edward Wales sets out to capture the killer. He stages a seance and invites 13 people, any one of who may have killed the dead man, but it ends in chaos when the killer strikes again during a blackout.


Director: Tod Browning
Script: Elliott J. Clawson
Play: Bayard Veiller
Director of Photography: Merritt B. Gerstad
Editor: Harry Reynolds
Recording Engineer: Paul Neal
Costume Designer: Adrian
Titles: Joe Farnham

Conrad Nagel (Richard Crosby)
Leila Hyams (Helen O'Neil)
Margaret Wycherly (Madame Rosalie La Grange)
Helene Millard (Mary Eastwood)
Holmes Herbert (Sir Roscoe Crosby)
Mary Forbes (Lady Crosby)
Bela Lugosi (Inspector Delzante)
John Davidson (Edward Wales)
Charles Quatermaine (Dr Philip Mason)
Moon Carroll (Helen Trent)
Cyril Chadwick (Brandon Trent)
Bertram Johns (Howard Standish)
Gretchen Holland (Grace Standish)
Frank Leigh (Professor Feringeea)
Clarence Geldert (Commisioner Grimshaw)
Lal Chand Mehra (Chotee)
Joel McCrea [scenes deleted]

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