The Terrornauts (1967)

UK, 1967
76m 44s (running time registered with the BBFC), 6906 feet (length registered with the BBFC)
35mm, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Montgomery Tully.

Plot Summary

Workers at a radio telescope laboratory are being abducted and taken aboard satellite run by robots where they are forced to take part in a series of intelligence tests.


* = uncredited [all uncredited crew members are taken from a listing in Film and TV Technician vol.32 no.259 (December 1966)]

Directed by: Montgomery Tully
© 1967 by Amicus Productions Limited
An Embassy Pictures release. An Amicus production
Produced by: Max J. Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky
Screenplay by: John Brunner
From the novel “The Wailing Asteroid” by Murray Leinster
First Assistant Director: Tom Walls
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Editor: Peter Musgrave *
Music Composed by: Elisabeth Lutyens
Sound Recordist: Laurie Clarkson
Wardrobe Mistress: Eileen Welch
Make-up: Dore Hamilton
Hairdresser: Olive Mills
Special Effects Models: Ernest Fletcher
Special Effects & Models Photography: Bowie Films Ltd
Production Designer: Bill Constable
Made at Twickenham Film Studios, Twickenham, Middlesex, England

Simon Oates (Dr Joe Burke)
Zena Marshall (Sandy Lund)
Charles Hawtrey (Joshua Yellowlees)
Patricia Hayes (Mrs Jones)
Stanley Meadows (Ben Keller)
Max Adrian (Dr Henry Shore)
Frank Barry (Burke as a child)
Richard Carpenter (Danny)
Leonard Cracknell (Nick)
Robert Jewell (robot operator)
Frank Forsyth (Uncle)
André Maranne (gendarme)

Includes extracts from
Shiver & Shudder Show (2002)


Today’s Cinema no.9925 (23 July 1971) p.9
Somewhat similar in style and content to the BBC television series Dr Who [sic] in the days before it became as sophisticated as it is now, this is a workmanlike production inclined to be wordy and slow-moving at the beginning but brightening up when the story moves out into space and the special effects come into play. […] Sturdy entertainment for space-minded children and undemanding adults. – from a review by Margaret Hinxman



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