The Terror (1938)

USA, 1938
73m, 6594 feet, 2011 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Richard Bird.

Plot Summary

Goodman, the head of a gang whose disastrous raid on a bank ends with the rest of the gang captured and sent to prison. Ten years later and Goodman is living in a nursing home, making unseemly advances to Mary Redmayne, a woman half his age. His two accomplices, Connor and Soapy Marks, have been released from jail and are looking for revenge. Both are murdered by a mysterious monk seen haunting the grounds and a drunken resident at the home, Ferdie Fayne, turns out to be a disguised cop, still trying to bring the mastermind of the robbery to justice. But when Fayne's picture turns up in the true crime scrapbook of a dotty old resident, Mrs Elvey, Goodman is tipped off and he abducts him and Mary and secures them in a nearby crypt.


Directed by: Richard Bird
© [not given on screen]
Associated British Picture Corpn. Ltd. presents
Director of Production: Walter C. Mycroft
Adaptation: William Freshman
Play: Edgar Wallace [credited in possessory above the title]
Photography: Walter Harvey
Film Editor: Lionel Tomlinson
Settings: Credric Dawe

Wilfrid Lawson (Mr Goodman)
Bernard Lee (Inspector Bill Bradley/Ferdy Fane)
Arthur Wontner (Colonel Redmayne)
Linden Travers (Mary Redmayne)
Henry Oscar (Joe Connor)
Iris Hoey (Mrs Elvery)
Stanley Lathbury (Hakwins)
Lesley Wareing (Veronica Elvery)
Alastair Sim (‘Soapy' Marks)
John Turnbull (Superintendant Hallick)
Richard Murdoch (Detective Lewis)
Edward Lexy (Inspector Robie)
Jack Lambert [Warder Joyce] *
Kathleen Harrison [Gladys] *
Irene Handl [kitchen maid] *

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