The Terminal Man (1974)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Mike Hodges.

Plot Summary

A man is implanted with a computer to control his anger. But an error could prove potentially fatal.


Directed by: Mike Hodges
© 1974 Warner Bros, Inc.
Warner Bros.
Produced by: Mike Hodges
Associate Producer: Michael Dryhurst
Unit Production Manager: Bruce Fowler Jr.
1st Assistant Director: Dick Moder
2nd Assistant Director: Leonard S. Smith Jr, Robert Dijoux
Script Supervisor: Margaret Tary
Screenplay by: Mike Hodges
Based upon a Novel by: Michael Crichton
Director of Photography: Richard H. Kline
Camera Operator: Albert Bettcher
Film Editor: Robert L. Wolfe
Goldberg Variation No. 25 by: J. S. Bach
Goldberg Variation No. 25 played by: Glenn Gould
Sound by: William Randall
Dubbing Mixer: Hugh Strain
Sound Editor: Nicholas Stevenson
Costume Designer: Nino Novarese
Make-up: Leo Lotito Jr, Fred Williams
Hairdresser: Sherry Wilson
Art Director: Fred Harpman
Set Decorator: Marvin March
Photographic Equipment by: Panavision
Casting: Nessa Hyams

George Segal (Harry Benson)
Joan Hackett (Dr Janet Ross)
Richard A. Dysart (Dr John Ellis)
Jill Clayburgh (Angela Black)
Donald Moffat (Dr Arthur McPherson)
Matt Clark (Gerhard)
Michael C. Gwynne (Dr Robert Morris)
Normann Burton (Detective Captain Anders)
William Hansen (Dr Ezra Manon)
James Sikking (Ralph Friedman)
Ian Wolfe (priest)
Gene Borkan, Burke Byrnes (Benson's guards)
Jim Antonio (Richards)
Jordan Rhodes (questioner No. 1)
Dee Carroll (night nurse)
Jason Wingreen (instructor)
Steve Kanaly (Edmonds)
Al Checco (Farley)
Fred Sadoff (police doctor)
Jack Colvin (detective)
Lee DeBroux (reporter)
Robert Ito (anaesthetist)
Victor Argo (orderly)



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