The Tell-Tale Heart (1960)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Ernest Morris.

Plot Summary

Eddie Marsh, an introverted, lonely writer, falls hopelessly in love with the young woman who moves in across the road. Encouraged by his ladykilling friend Carl to forge a relationship, Poe overcomes his shyness and befriends the woman. But when he catches Carl seducing the woman, Marsh kills his friend and hides his body beneath the floorboards. Driven mad by what appears to be Carl's accusing heartbeat, Marsh wakes from his nightmare and sees a pretty young woman moving into the house opposite…


Directed by: Ernest Morris
© MCMLX [1960] Danzinger Productions Ltd
Produced by The Danzigers – Edward J. Danziger, Harry Lee Danziger
Screenplay by: Brian Clemens and Eldon Howard
Based on the story by: Edgar Allan Poe
Director of Photography: Jimmy Wilson
Editor: Derek Parsons
Music by: Tony Crombie and Bill Le Sage
Recording Supervisor: W.A. Howell
Sound Recordist: George Adams
Wardrobe: Rene Jerrold Coke
Make Up: Aldo Manganaro
Art Director: Peter Russell
Studio: New Elstree Studios, London, England, UK

Laurence Payne (Edgar Marsh)
Adrienne Corri (Betty Clare)
Dermot Walsh (Carl Loomis)
Selma Vaz Díaz (Mrs Vine)
John Scott (police inspector)
John Martin (police sergeant)
Pamela Plant (manageress)
Annette Carell (Betty's landlady)
Graham Ashley (Neston)
David Lander (jeweller)
Rosemary Rotheray (Jackie)
Suzanne Fuller (Dorothy)

Alternative Titles

Le false vergini – Italy
Das Haus der tausend Schreie – Germany
The Hidden Room of 1,000 Horrors
The Horror Man
– Italy



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