The Suckling (1990)

USA, 1989

An American horror film directed by Francis Teri.

Plot Summary

A terminated foetus flushed down the drain at birth survives and develops into a powerful and enraged mutant – and when it goes looking for its mother, it leaves a trail of mayhem and mutilation in its slimy wake.


Director: Francis Teri
Suckling Productions
Executive Producers: Peter Lewnes, Miljan Peter Ilich
Producers: Michael Helman, Francis Teri
Associate Producers: Glenn F. Frontera, Thomas Stampa
Script: Francis Teri
Script Consultant: Mike Helman
Director of Photography: Harry Eisenstein
Editor: Francis Teri
Music: Joseph Teri
Sound Recordist: Chris Demareceaux
Costume Designer: Norma Trivelli
Make Up: Jordana Chula
Make Up Effects: Craig Lindberg
Creature Effects: Ralph Cordero
Pyrotechnics: Brian Powell
Meltdown Effects: Paul Sciacca, Kelly Schwab
Production Designer: Mike Rich

Frank Reeves [real name: Frank Rivera]
Marie Michaels
Gerald Preger
Michael Logan
Lisa Petruno
Janet Sovey
Tim Martin Crouse
Susan Brodsky
Natasha Roberts
Robert Louis (attendant #2)
Brian Muirhill (customer)
Rod Lea (policeman #1)
Jeff Burchfield (policeman #2)
Hector Collazo, Michael Gingold (creature)
Ella Aralovich (Mary)
Alley Ninestein (nurse)
Gloria Moseley, Mike Gold, Frederic J. Bender, Colleen Hayden, Chris Glover, A.J. Dunleavy, Pamela Cheong (extras in asylum)
Steven Rich (kid)
Soran Sanches (Senator)
Norman Siopis (Senator’s aid (sic))
Chris Clements (guy in hospital bed)

Alternative Titles

Sewage Baby – UK



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