The Sorcerers (1967)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Michael Reeves.

Plot Summary

Hypnotist Professor Montserrat develops a technique for not only controlling the minds of his subjects but also of sharing their experiences at a distance. He and his wife Estelle use young man about town Mike Roscoe as their test subject, but Estelle gets hooked on the ‘kicks' that Mike provides. When his normal lifestyle proves to be not quite exciting enough, Estelle uses the technique to force Mike into violence and murder…


Directed by: Michael Reeves
Copyright 1967 Tony Tenser Films Ltd.
An LMG release. A Tony Tenser/Curtwel-Global production
Executive Producer: Arnold L. Miller
Produced by: Patrick Curtis and Tony Tenser
Screenplay by: Michael Reeves and Tom Baker
From an Idea by: John Burke
Assistant Director: Keith Wilkinson
Continuity: Doreen Sloan
Director of Photography: Stanley A. Long
Camera Operator: John Mantell
Camera Assistants: Don Lord, Gordon Thornton
Gaffer: Maurice Corcoran
Editing: David Woodward, Susan Michie
Music Composed and Conducted by: Paul Ferris
Sound Mixer: Ken Osborne
Boom Operator: Mike Payne
Make Up: Geoffrey Rodway
Art Director: Tony Curtis
Construction Manager: Jack Palmer
Production Secretary: Sheila Miller
Photographed at West London Studios, England and on location

Boris Karloff (Professor Marcus Monserrat)
Elizabeth Ercy (Nicole)
Ian Ogilvy (Mike Roscoe)
Victor Henry (Alan)
Dani Sheridan (Laura)
Alf Joint (Ron)
Meier Tzelniker (Jewish baker)
Gerald Campion (man in china shop)
Susan George (Audrey)
Ivor Dean (Inspector Matalon)
Peter Fraser (detective)
Martin Terry (tobacconist)
Bill Barnsley (constable in fur store)
Maureen Booth
Catherine Lacey as Estelle [Monserrat]
Toni Daly [vocalist – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Im Banne des Dr Monserrat – German title
Los brujos – Spanish title
Il killer di Satana – Italian title


Kinematograph Weekly no.3112 (3 June 1967) p.11
The plot is quite ingenious and obviously well suited to the particular talents of Boris Karloff, but the really exciting part of the acceptably incredible story takes rather a long time working up. The preliminaries drag just a little, jumping as they do to and from Professor Monserrat's cryptic conversations with his sinister-looking wife and the semi-juvenile antics of Mike and his young companions, Nicole, his French girl friend, and Alan, his pal. Once the old hag, Estelle, goes off her rocker and takes crazy charge of the proceedings, however, The whole affair hots up and the traditional car-chase climax is excitingly done. Boris Karloff, though not an evil genius on this occasion, brings his usual atmosphere of strange menace to the role of the professor, and Catherine Lacey as Estelle has an outrageous time gloating evilly over the enjoyment of her devilment. Ian Ogilvy does pretty well with the difficult part of Mike, the unfortunate hypnotic subject, and Elizabeth Ercy contributes some romance as Nicole. – from an uncredited review



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