The Snow Queen (1955)

UK, 18 November -16 December 1955
1 series, 5 episodes, average 25m each
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television series directed by Jonathan Alwyn.


Gerda and her father run a hotel where a guest arrives dressed in white and setting her sights on Gerda's lover Kai. When they vanish, it's up to Gerda to track them down.


Regular Crew
Directed by: Jonathan Alwyn
Written by: Suria Magito, Rudolph Weil
Adapted by: Jonathan Alwyn
Based on a Story by: Hans Christian Andersen
Settings by: Henry Federer

Regular Cast
Tony Sympson (the storyteller)
Dorothy Marks (Gerda)

Episode 1 (18 November 1955)
With: Josephine Middleton (Granny); Carl Bernard (the chancellor); April Olrich (The )

Episode 2 (25 November 1955)
With: Sheila Ward (Klara); Redvers Kyle (Karl); Maureen Davies (Princess Christina); Bruce Sharman (Prince Klaus); Hugh Manning (the king); Carl Bernard (the chancellor)

Episode 3 (2 December 1955)
With: Patience Collier (the robber woman); Richard Davies (Barbro, a robber); Raymond Sherry (Olof, another robber); Carl Bernard (the chancellor); Sandra Caron (Wenki); Richard Pearson (the reindeer)

Episode 4 (9 December 1955)
With: Ian Hobbs (Kay); April Olrich (The Snow Queen)

Episode 5 (16 December 1955)
With: Sandra Caron (Wenki), Ian Hobbs (Kay), Redvers Kyle (Karl), Carl Bernard (the chancellor), Bruce Sharman (Prince Klaus), Maureen Davies (Princess Christina), Sheila Ward (Klara), Josephine Middleton (Granny), April Olrich (The Snow Queen)