The Slime People (1962)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Robert Hutton, the only film that the actor directed. Production began on 8 January 1962 1Daily Variety vol.114 no.36 (26 January 1962) p.12.

Plot Summary

A race of reptile-like humanoids, their skins covered in slime, emerge from their underground lairs to surround Los Angeles with a wall of “solidified fog.”. Pilot Tom Gregory manages to land in the city which appears to be deserted but he finds a few survivors and together they try to fight off the invasion.


Directed by: Robert Hutton
Copyright MXMLXII [sic] [1962] by Hutton-Robertson Productions
A Joseph F. Robertson production
Executive Producers:
Produced by: Joseph F. Robertson
Associate Producers: Donald J. Hansen, Edward Finch Abrams
Written by: Blair Robertson, Vance Skarstedt
Second Unit Director: William Martin
Assistant Director: Herb Willis
Director of Photography: William Troiano
Camera Operator: James Crabe
Assistant Cameraman: Pat O'Hara
Lighting: George Breslaw
Film Editor: Don Henderson
Associate Editor: Lew Guinn
Sound Mixer: Rod Sutton
Sound Recording: Audio Effects Co.
Costumes: Tom Holland
Special Effects: Harry Woolman
Production Designer:
Property Master: Mike Ezzes

Robert Hutton
Les Tremayne
Robert Burton
Susan Hart
William Boyce
Judee Morton
John Close

Alternative Titles

Los ojos escamosos – Mexican title
Tomorrow You Die

Extracts included in
Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell (2012)
It Came from Hollywood (1982)
Monsters and Mysteries in America: Tennessee Wildman – Subterranean Reptoids (2015)



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