The Sleep of Death (1981)

Sweden, Ireland, 1981
90m, 2460 metres
35mm film, colour
mono, Swedish

A Swedish horror film directed by Calvin Floyd.

Plot Summary

1815: a young Englishman is touring Europe when he falls in love with the Countess St Alyre. But he soon falls in with the sinister Marquis D’Armanville and finds himself in a nightmarish situation from which there seems to be no escape.


Directed by: Calvin Floyd
© copyright 1978
An Aspekt Film/Dragon Company production. Made in association with The National Film Studios of Ireland and The Swedish Film Institute
Executive Producer: Reidun Stenbeck
Producers: Calvin Floyd
Associate Producers: Rudolf Hertzog, Måns Reuterswärd
Screenplay by: Yvonne and Calvin Floyd
Based on the Story: “The Room at the Flying Dragon” by Sheridan Le Fanu
Directors of Photography: Jiri Tirl [real name: George Tirl], Tony Forsberg
Edited by: James Morris
Music: Ragnar Grippe
Sound Engineers: Liam Saurin, Tom Curran
Costume Design: Eva Lisa Nelstedt
Chief Make-up: Kjerstin Elg
Set Design and Art Direction: Mathias Matthies, Ellen Schmidt

Per Oscarsson (Colonel Gaillard)
Patrick Magee (Marquis)
Marilu Tolo (Countess Elga)
Brendan Price (Robert Terence)
Niall Toibin (Sean)
Curd Jürgens as the count [St Alyre]
Kay Maclaren as the old woman
Barry Cassins as the count’s brother
Christopher Casson (Sir Philip Terence)
John Molloy (priest)
Ray Mac Nally (Inspector Carmingac)
Archie O’Sullivan (chemist)
Bill Foley (Colonel’s orderly)
Jacintha Martin (first maid)
Olwen Fouere (second maid)
Sheleigh McCleod (third maid)
Shibvan Briers (English maid)
Cecil Barror (Deacon)
James Read (Marquis’s servant)
Eamon Draper (first soldier)

Alternative Titles

The Flying Dragon
The Inn of the Flying Dragon
Ondskans värdshus – Sweden

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