The Slayer (1981)

USA, 1980
80m, 89m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film by director J.S. Cardone which was briefly consigned to the “” list in the UK.

Plot Summary

Four people on vacation on a remote and desolate island are soon being picked off by mysterious being seen in a premonitory dream by one of them, a young artist named Kay. The group is soon whittled away until Kay finds that her nightmare may be about to begin all over again.


Directed by: J.S. Cardone
The International Picture Show Company © MCMLXXI []
Executive Producer: Lloyd N. Adams
Produced by: William R. Ewing
Associate Producers: Anne Kimmel & Gerald Olsen
Original Screenplay by: J.S. Cardone & William R. Ewing
Director of Photography: Karen Grossman
Film Editor: Edward Salier
Music Composed and Conducted by: Robert Folk
Sound Mixer: Anthony Santa Croce
Costume Designer: Patricia Koehnen
Make-up and Hair: Julie Purcell
Special Effects Make-Up Created by: Robert Short
Special Effects: Spectacular Effects, Robert Babb
Production Designer: Lynda Burbank

Sarah Kendall (Kay)
Frederick Flynn (Eric)
Carol Kottenbrook (Brooke)
Alan McRae (David)
Michael Holmes (Marsh)
Sandy Simpson (Norman)
Paul Gandolfo (fisherman)
Newell Alexander (Kay's father)
Ivy Jones (Kay's mother)
Jennifer Gaffin (young Kay)
Richard Van Brakel (young Eric)
Carl Kraines (The Slayer)

Alternative Titles

Nightmare Island

Extracts included in
Terror on Tape (1983)



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