The Skull (1965)

UK, 1965
35mm film, “photographed in Techniscope”, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British horror film directed by Freddie Francis.

Plot Summary

Professor Maitland is an obsessive collector of occult relics and feels compelled to buy the skull of the nefarious Marquis de Sade, despite being warned of its evil powers by fellow occult expert Sir Matthew Phillips. The skull has a macabre history of death and violence associated with it and it’s not long before Maitland is under its spell, hallucinating wildly and wielding a knife…


Directed by: Freddie Francis
© MCMLCV [1965] Amicus Productions Ltd.
An Amicus production. Paramount Pictures present
Produced by: Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg
Production Manager: Ted Lloyd
Screenplay by: Milton Subotsky
From the Story “The Skull of the Marquis de Sade” by Robert Bloch
Assistant Director: Anthony Waye
Continuity: Pamela Davies
Director of Photography: John Wilcox
Camera Operator: David Harcourt
Camera Grip: Ray Jones
Editor: Oswald Hafenrichter
Music Composed by: Elisabeth Lutyens
Conducted by: Philip Martell
Sound Recordist: Buster Ambler
Sound Editor: Tom Priestley
Sound Supervisor: John Cox
RCA Sound Recording
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jackie Cummins
Make-up Artiste: Jill Carpenter
Hairdresser: Henry Montsash
Special Effects: Ted Samuels
Art Director: Bill Constable
Set Decoration: Scott Slimon
Construction Manager: Bill Waldron
Produced at: Shepperton Studios, shepperton, Middlesex, England

Peter Cushing (Christopher Maitland)
Patrick Wymark (Marco)
Nigel Green (Inspector Wilson)
Jill Bennett (Jane Maitland)
Michael Gough (auctioneer)
George Coulouris (Dr Londe)
Peter Woodthorpe (Travers)
April Olrich (French girl)
Maurice Good (phrenologist)
Patrick Magee (police surgeon)
Anna Palk (maid)
Frank Forsyth (judge)
Paul Stockman (first guard)
Geoffrey Cheshire (second guard)
Christopher Lee (Sir Matthew Phillips)
George Hilsdon (policeman)
Jack Silk (driver)

Alternative Titles

A Caveira – Portugese title
Dödskallen – Swedish title
La maldición de la calavera – Spanish title
Der Schädel des Marquis de Sade – German title
Il teschio maledetto – Italian title

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