The Sign of Four (1983)

UK, 7 December [USA]
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British borderline horror television film directed by Desmond Davis.


Director: Desmond Davis
© [not given on screen]
A Sy Weintraub production
Executive Producer: Sy Weintraub
Producer: Otto Plaschkes
Associate Producers: Alan Rosefielde, Eric Rattray
Screenplay: Charles Edward Pogue
Based on the Novel by: Arthur Conan Doyle [name appears as possessory above title]
Lighting Cameraman: Denis Lewiston
Supervising Editor: Geoffrey Foot
Music Composed and Conducted by: Harry Rabinowitz
Sound Recordist: Tony Dawe
Costume Designer: Julie Harris
Make-up Supervisor: Tom Smith
Hairdressing Supervisor: Betty Glasow
Special Effects Supervisor: Alan Whibley
Art Director: Eileen Diss
Casting Director: Marilyn Johnson
Studio: Shepperton Studios

Ian Richardson ()
David Healy (Dr )
Joe Melia (Jonathan Small)
Terence Rigby (Inspector Layton)
Richard Heffer (Thaddeus Sholto)
Clive Merrison (Bartholomew Sholto)
Darren Michael (Wiggins)
Michael O'Hagan (Mordecai Smith)
Cherie Lunghi (Mary Morstan)
Kate Binchy (maid)
Moti Makan (Lal Rao)
John Benfield (McMurdo)
Robert Russell (Williams)
Merelina Kendall (Mrs Smith)
Gordon Rollings (Mr Sherman)
P.J. Cassell
John Pedrick (Tonga)
Thorley Walters (Major John Sholto)

Alternative Titles

Im Zeichen der Vier – West Germany
Sherlock Holmes – Das Zeichen der Vier – Germany (DVD)
Sherlock Holmes – Le signe des quatre – France
Sherlock Holmes: – USA (DVD)
O Signo dos Quatro – Brazil
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four
Znak czterech – Poland
Το σημάδι των τεσσάρων – Greece
Знакът на четиримата – Bulgaria



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