The Shuttered Room (1967)

USA, UK, 1967
99m, 2708.45 metres
2708.45 metres, Technicolor
mono, English

An American/British horror film directed by David Greene.

Plot Summary

Suzanna Kelton returns to the New England town she grew up in with her new husband Mike to exorcise the demons of her past. She’s inherited the old family mill in which she suffered a childhood trauma, but finds that something is already in residence, locked away in the shuttered room in the attic…


Directed by: David Greene
© MCMLXVI [1966]
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts presents a Troy Schenck production
Executive Producer: Bernard Schwartz
Produced by: Philip Hazelton
Associate Producer: Alexander Jacobs
Screenplay by: D.B. Ledrov and Nathaniel Tanchuck
From the book “The Shuttered Room” by August Derleth and H.P. Lovecraft
Director of Photography: Kenneth Hodges
Editor: Brian Smedley-Aston
Music Composed and Arranged by: Basil Kirchin
Sound Recordist: G. Humphreys
Wardrobe Designed by: Caroline Mott
Make Up: Harry Frampton
Hairdresser: Eileen Warwick
Art Director: Brian Eatwell
Made at: Twickenham Studios, England

Gig Young (Mike Kelton)
Carol Lynley (Susannah Kelton/Sarah)
Oliver Reed (Ethan)
Flora Robson (Aunt Agatha)
Judith Arthy (Emma)
Rick Jones
Ann Bell
William Devlin (Zebulon Whateley)
Charles Lloyd Pack (bargee)
Bernard Kay (Tait)
Celia Hewitt (Aunt Sarah)
Robert Cawdron (Luther Whateley)
Murray Evans
Cliff Digging
Peter Porteous
Anita Anderson (Susannah as a child)

Alternative Titles

Blood Island
La malédiction des Whateley
– France
¿Por qué lloras, Susan? – Spain
La porta sbarrata – Italy
Die Verschlossene Tür – Germany



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