The Shape of Things to Come (1979)

94m [UK], 98m
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English
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A Canadian science fiction film directed by George McCowan. Despite the title it has very little to do with the novel by H.G. Wells beyond a few basic ideas and some character names.

Plot Summary

The Earth has been all but destroyed and the surviving humans have set up a colony of . But their supply of a special anti- drug – vital to their continued existence – is threatened when the only planet it can be found on, Delta Three, is taken over by the brilliant but deranged mechanic Omus. He intends to attack the human colony with robot-piloted and it's up to Dr John Caball, his son Jason, Jason's friend Kim, and a robot named Sparks to save the day.


* = uncredited

Directed by: George McCowan
© Torrington Distributors Inc. 1979
Produced by SOTTC Film Productions Ltd. in association with C.F.I. Investments Inc.
Executive Producer: Harry Alan Towers
Produced by: William Davidson
Associate Producer: John Danylkiw
Screenplay by: Martin Lager
Script Concept Development: Nichael Cheda, Joseph Glazner
Novel: H.G. Wells *
Director of Photography: Reginald H. Morris
Editor: Stan Cole
Original Music Score by: Paul Hoffert
Sound Mixer: Karl Sherer
Costume Designer: Larry Wells
Make-Up: Bill Morgan
Hairdresser: James Keeler
Special Effects: Bill Wood
Visual Effects: Wally Gentleman
Art Director: Gerry Holmes

Jack Palance (Omus)
Carol Lynley (Nikki)
Barry Morse (Dr [John] Caball)
John Ireland (Senator Smedley)
Nicholas Campbell as Jason Caball
Eddie Benton [real name: Anne-Marie Martin] as Kim Smedley
Greg Swanson (Sparks (voice))
Mark Parr (Sparks (robot))
William Hutt (Lomax (voice))
Ardon Bess (Merrick)
Lynn Green (Lunar technician)
Albert Humphries (robot technician)
Bill Lake (spacesuited man)
Michael Klingbell, Jonathan Hartman, Wili Liberman, Rob McEwan, Angelo Pedari ()
Jo-Anne Lang, Danny Gage, Linda Carter, Terry Martin, Lutz Brodie, Bill Yak, Terry Sprat (Niki's army)

Alternative Titles

Delta III – Germany
El mundo que viene – Spain
Taistelu avaruudessa – Finland
Tulevaisuuden maailma – Finland

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