The Seventh Victim (1943)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Mark Robson.

Plot Summary

Mary Gibson travels to Manhattan in search of her missing sister Jacqueline, hoping that Jacqueline's mysterious husband will hold the clue to her disappearance. But Mary finds herself involved with a sinister cult of Satanists who are also looking for Jacqueline for very different reasons…


Directed by: Mark Robson
Copyright MCMXLIII [1943] RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents
Produced by: Val Lewton
Written by: Charles O'Neal and DeWitt Bodeen
Assistant Director: William Dorfman
Director of Photography: Nicholas Musuraca
Edited by: John Lockert
Music by: Roy Webb
Musical Director: C. Bakaleinikoff
Recorded by: John C. Grubb
RCA Sound System
Gowns by: Renié
Art Directors: Albert S. D'Agostino, Walter E. Keller
Set Decorations: Harley Miller, Darrell Silvera

Tom Conway (Doctor Louis Judd)
Jean Brooks (Jacqueline Gibson)
Isabel Jewell (Frances Fallon)
Kim Hunter (Mary Gibson)
Evelyn Brent (Natalie Cortez)
Erford Gage (Jason Hoag)
Ben Bard (Mr Brun)
Hugh Beaumont (Gregory Ward)
Chef Milani (Mr Jacob Romari)
Marguerita Sylva (Mrs Bella Romari)

Alternative Titles

The 7th Victim – USA (advertising)
Seitsemäs uhri – Finland (television)
La settima vittima – Italy

See also
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