The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976)

35mm film, Panavision, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British borderline fantasy film directed by Herbert Ross.

Plot Summary

Dr becomes so concerned about his friend ' cocaine abuse that he tricks the consulting detective into travelling to where he is to be treated for his addiction by . Using his fledgling theories of the human mind, Freud delves into Holmes' subconscious, while the detective tries to solve the kidnapping of Lola Deveraux.


Directed by: Herbert Ross
© MCMLXXVI [1976] by Universal Pictures Limited
Universal presents a Herbert Ross film. A Winitsky-Sellers production
Executive Producers: Arlene Sellers and Alex Winitsky
Produced by: Herbert Ross
Associate Producer: Stanley O'Toole
Screenplay by: Nicholas Meyer from his novel “The Seven-Per-Cent Solution”
Characters: Arthur Conan Doyle [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Editorial Supervision by: William Reynolds
Editors: Chris Barnes; Michael E. Polakow [uncredited]
Music: John Addison
Sound Recordist: Cyril Swern
Costume Designer: Alan Barrett
Make-Up: Bill Lodge & John Webber
Hair: Colin Jamison & Janet Jamison
Production Designed by: Ken Adam
Filmed on locations in Austria and England and at Pinewood Studios, London, England

Alan Arkin playing Sigmund Freud
Lola Deveraux * (*An Irish charlady's daughter (Details of her private life can be found in The Private Correspondence of Clemenceau)) will be played by Vanessa Redgrave
Dr John H. Watson by Robert Duvall
Sherlock Holmes by Nicol Williamson
Sir Laurence Olivier as Professor Moriarty * (*Controversial mathematician, his paper “The Dynamics of an Asteroid” enjoyed a lengthy European vogue (see The Final Problem))
Lowenstein * (* There is reason to believe that this character is totally fictitious) is played by Joel Grey
Mary Morstan Watson * (*Watson's only canonical wife (See Sign of the Four)) by Samantha Eggar
Mycroft Holmes by Charles Gray
Frau Freud is played by Georgia Brown
Madame * (*A madam – born Rachel Silberberg, Krakow, Poland) is played by Regine
Jeremy Kemp plays Baron Von Leinsdorf
Anna Quayle as Freda
Jill Townsend as Mrs Holmes
John Bird as Berger
Alison Leggatt as Mrs Hudson
Gertan Klauber as The Pasha
Frederick Jaeger (Marker)
Erik Chitty (the butler)
Jack May (Dr Schultz)
Leon Greene (Squire Holmes)

Alternative Titles

Sherlock Holmes: soluzione settepercento – Italian title

Production Notes


The film was shown at the CIC Private Theatre in London on 28 January 1977 for the purpose of registration with the Board of Trade under the terms of the 1960 Films Act. 1Screen International no.70 (15 January 1977) p.2



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