The Scarecrow (1981)

New Zealand,
88m, 7880 feet
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A New Zealand horror film directed by Sam Pillsbury.

Plot Summary

A murderer arrives in a small town and targets a young girl. Only her big brother can save her.


Director: Sam Pillsbury
Oasis Films, New Zealand National Film Unit in association with New Zealand Film Commission, Television New Zealand
Executive Producer (National Film Unit): Douglas Eckhoff
Executive Producer (Television New Zealand): Ross Jennings
Producer: Rob Whitehouse
Associate Producer: Sam Pillsbury
Screenplay: Michael Heath, Sam Pillsbury
Based on the Novel by: Ronald Hugh Morrieson
Director of Photography: James Bartle
Editor: Ian John
Music: Schtung
Sound Recording: Don Reynolds
Costume Designer: Glenys Hitchins
Make-up: Rosalind McCorquodale
Special Effects: Kevin Chisnall
Production Designer: Neil Angwin

John Carradine (Hubert Salter)
Tracy Mann (Prudence Poindexter)
Jonathan Smith (Ned Poindexter)
Daniel Mclaren (Les Wilson)
Denise O'Connell (Angela Potroz)
Anne Flannery (Mrs Poindexter)
Desmond Kelly (Mr Poindexter)
Bruce Allpress (Uncle Athol)
Jonathan Hardy (Charlie Dabney)
Philip Holder (Constable Len Ramsbottom)
Ted Coyle (Alf Yerby)
Elizabeth Moody (Mabel)
Mark Hadlow (Sam Finn)
Greg Naughton (Victor Lynch)
John Kempt (Peachy Blair)
Stephen Taylor (Herbert Poindexter)
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy (Daphne Moran)
Duncan Smith (Skin Hughson)
Bill Walker (Clem Walker)
Roy Billing (Mr Potroz)



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