The Saturday Alternative: Pericles, Prince of Tyre (1984)

UK, USA, 8 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television film directed by David Jones. Production began on 21 June 1983 and it was originally shown in BBC2's The Saturday Alternative strand but is generally regarded to be part of The BBC Television Shakespeare project.

Plot Summary

the embarks on a series of adventures when he solves the riddle posed by Antiochus, King of Antioch, realising that he is in an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Fearing for his life he flees and after his edventures is reunited with his daughter many years later following a visit from the goddess Diana in a dream.


Directed by: David Jones
BBC, Time-Life Films Inc
Producer: Shaun Sutton
Based on the Play by: William Shakespeare
Script Editor: David Snodin
Lighting: Sam Barclay
Music Composed by: Martin Best
Costume Designer: Colin Lavers
Make-up Artist: Dawn Alcock
Designer: Don Taylor
Choregographer: Geraldine Stephenson

Edward Petherbridge (Gower)
John Woodvine (Antiochus)
Edita Brychta (daughter to Antiochus)
Mike Gwilym (Pericles)
Robert Ashby (Thaliard)
Patrick Godfrey (Helicanus)
Amanda Redman (Marina)
Toby Salaman (Escanes/Pander)
Norman Rodway (Cleon)
Annette Crosbie (Dionyza)
Patrick Allen (Simonides)
Juliet Stevenson (Thaisa)
Valerie Lush (Lychorida)
Clive Swift (Cerimon)
Nicholas Brimble (Leonine)
Trevor Peacock (Boult)
Lila Kaye (Bawd)
Patrick Ryecart (Lysimachus)
Elayne Sharling (Goddess Diana)
Gordon Gostelow (first fisherman)
John Bardon (second fisherman)
Richard Derrington (third fisherman)
Edward Clayton
Adam Kurakin
Christopher Ravenscroft
Roger Bizley
Christopher Saul
Peter Gordon
Stephen Oxley
Iain Mitchell
Malcolm Kaye
Rodney James, Jinty Coventry, Christine Moffett, Mandy Demetriou (dancers)

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