The Sadistic Hypnotist (1968)

USA, 1969
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Greg Corarito.

Plot Summary

Wanda and her lover Greta kidnap Sylvester from a car crash, tie him to their bed and Wanda then hypnotizes him. She subsequently hypnotizes the lesbian Zelda, forcing her to “rape” Sylvester who is freed when an escaped psychiatric patient sets him free. Both men find Wanda’s LSD stash and drug the women before Sylvester tries to rape Wanda.


Directed by: Greg Corarito
Ciao Productions, Falu Productions Inc.
Produced by: Greg Corarito
Production Manager: Harry Swartz
Written by: Greg Corarito
Assistant Director: Richard Compton
Script Supervisor: Lynne Cole
Director of Photography: B. Scott [real name: Bruce Scott]
Lighting Grip: David Selkink
Editor: Gary Graver
Laboratory: Movielab, USA
Music: Al Quick
Music Performed by: The Masochists
Sound Mixer: Sam Kopetzky
Recording Technician: Arthur Itceze
Wardrobe: Ree Fox
Property Master: Ken Fox
Unit Publicist: Joel Sussman
Locations: MacArthur Park, Los Angeles, California, USA; Spahn Ranch, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

Katharine Shubeck (Wanda)
Dick Dangerfield [real name: Richard Compton] (Sylvester)
Janine Sweet (Greta)
Patty Roberts
Lindy Birde
Mary Weatler
Lynn Harris (first statue/girl in green bikini)
Sheri Jackson (salesgirl)
Linda Stiles (girl in striped bikini)
Iris Dawne
Estelle Murphy
Greg Corarito (movie patron)
Robert Luisi
Lauri Davis
Jean Rodgers
Jacque Lee
Daryl Colinot (the maniac)

Alternative Titles

Sadistic Hypnotist – Canada
Wanda the Hypnotist – alternative title
Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist – alternative title

Extracts included in
Twisted Sex Vol. 23 (2007)

Production Notes

The Sadistic Hypnotist was one of two films – the other being The Muthers (1968) – seized by police from the 4 Star Theatre in Las Vegas on 30 December 1969. Theatre manager Erwin Glass was arrested and charged with two counts of exhibiting obscene material. The double bill was replaced by screenings of Space Thing (1968) and The Masterpiece (1968). The raid took place after District Attorney George Franklin received a report from two of his investigators who saw the films on Monday 29 December following Franklin’s announcement on 9 December that he would be leading a crackdown on “obscene” films, giving theatre owners ten days to rid theatres of “this increasing stream of pure unadulterated filth.” 1Daily Variety vol.146 no.19 (5 January 1970) pp.1, 6.



  • Daily Variety vol.146 no.19 (5 January 1970) pp.1, 6 – note (Vegas Grabs Two Pix As ‘Obscene’)