The Return of Doctor X (1939)

USA, 1939
62m, 5593 feet
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Vincent Sherman. Wayne Morris’ character is credited as Walter Barnett but is called Garrett in dialogue.

Plot Summary

Doctor Xavier commits a series of murders and is revealed to be a revived corpse who needs blood to survive.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Vincent Sherman
Copyright MCMXXXIX [1939 by Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.
A First National picture
Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. presents
Associate Producer: Bryan Foy *
Screen Play by: Lee Katz
From a Story by: William J. Makin
Director of Photography: Sid Hickox
Film Editor: Thomas Pratt
Gowns by: Milo Anderson
Makeup Artist: Perc Westmore *
Sound by: Charles Lang
Art Director: Esdras Hartley
Technical Adviser: Dr Leo Schulman

Wayne Morris (Walter Barnett [Garrett])
Rosemary Lane (Joan Vance)
Humphrey Bogart (Marshall Quesne [Dr Maurice J. Xavier])
Dennis Morgan (Dr Michael Rhodes)
John Litel (Dr Francis Flegg)
Lya Lys (Angela Merrova)
Huntz Hall (Pinky)
Charles Wilson (Detective Ray Kincaid)
Vera Lewis (Miss Sweetman)
Howard Hickman (chairman)
Olin Howlin (undertaker)
Arthur Aylesworth (guide)
Cliff Saum (Detective Sergeant Moran)
Creighton Hale (hotel manager)
John Ridgely (Rodgers)
Joseph Crehan (editor)
Glenn Langan, William Hopper (internes [sic])



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