The Return of Count Yorga (1971)

USA, 1971
35mm, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Bob Kelljan. It was the second and last of the series featuring Robert Quarry’s eponymous vampire. Quarry played another vampire, Khorda, in The Deathmaster (1973) but this wasn’t related to the Yorga films.

Plot Summary

Count Yorga turns up near an orphanage and takes a shine to the woman who runs it, Cynthia Nelson. He has his coterie of shuffling, undead harridans abduct Nelson and slaughter her family. Yorga’s old nemesis, Dr David Baldwin, returns to track down the Count and destroy him once and for all…


Directed by: Bob Kelljan
© MCMLXXI by Peppertree Productions, Inc. and American International Pictures, Inc.
American International. A Michael Macready Bob Kelljan production
Produced by: Michael Macready
Production Manager: Carl Olsen
Screenplay by: Bob Kelljan and Yvonne Wilder
Assistant Director: Jack Oliver
Script Supervisor: Joyce King
Director of Photography: Bill Butler
Chief Electrician: Dennis Bishop
Key Grip: Tom Dezin
Color by Movielab
Film Editors: Fabien Tordjmann, Laurette Odney
Music Composed and Conducted by: Bill Marx
Sound Mixer: Rod Sutton
Sound Effects: Edit International Ltd.
Sound: Ryder Sound Service
Wardrobe: Jeannie Anderson
Make-Up: Mark Busson
Special Effects: Roger George
Optical Effects: Modern Film Effects
Set Design: Vince Cresceman
Property Master: Eric Nelson
Animal Trainer: Vee Kasegen

Robert Quarry (Count Yorga)
Mariette Hartley (Cynthia Nelson)
Roger Perry (Dr David Baldwin)
Yvonne Wilder (Jennifer Nelson)
Tom Toner (Reverend Thomas, Westwood Orphanage)
Rudy De Luca (Lieutenant Madden)
Philip Frame as Tommy
George Macready (Professor Rightstat)
Walter Brooke (Bill Nelson)
Edward Walsh (Brudda, Yorga’s Valet)
Craig Nelson (Sergeant O’Connor)
David Lampson (Jason)
Karen Houston (Ellen Nelson)
Helen Baron (Mrs Liza Nelson)
Jesse Wells (Mitzi Carthay)
Mike Pataki (Joe)
Corinne Conley (witch)
Allen Joseph (Michael Farmer)
Peg Shirley (Claret Farmer)
Liz Rogers (Laurie Greggs)
Paul Hansen (Jonathan Greggs)

Alternative Titles

The Abominable Count Yorga – working title
Curse of Count Yorga – working title

Sequel to
Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)



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