The Return of Chandu (1935)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Ray Taylor. It is the first of two re-edited feature versions of the 12 part serial The Return of Chandu (1934).

Plot Summary

On the island of Lemuria, a cult is trying to resurrect their goddess, Ossana, whose soul is currently dormant inside the Egyptian Princess Nadji. The cult want to sacrifice Nadji, but she is being protected by Frank Chandler, an American mystic also known as Chandu. When Nadji is spirited away to Lemuria, Chandu and his family set out to get her back before the goddess can be re-awakened.


* = uncredited

Director: Ray Taylor
Principal Productions Inc
Producer: Sol Lesser
Script: Barry Barringer
Radio Play: Harry A. Earnshaw, R.R. Morgan, Vera M. Oldham
Director of Photography: John Hickson
Editor: Carl Himm
Music: Rudolf Friml *, Francis Gromon *
Library Music Director: Abe Meyer
Dialogue Director: Cyril Armbrister

Bela Lugosi (Frank Chandler (Chandu))
Maria Alba (Princess Nadji)
Murdock MacQuarrie (voice of the Ubasti)
Josef Swickard (Tyba, the White Magician)
Dean Benton (Bob Regent)
Jack Clark (Vitras, the High Priest)
Clara Kimball Young (Dorothy Regent)
Phyllis Ludwig (Betty Regent)
Wilfred Lucas (Captain Walker)
Louise Emmons (Sisaba, the Hag)

Feature version of
The Return of Chandu (1934)

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