The Raven (1935)

USA, 1935
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Lew Landers using the pseudonym Louis Friedlander.

Plot Summary

A brilliant surgeon, Dr Vollin, is driven mad by his lust for a young dancer he is asked to operate on after she is disfigured in a car crash. Vollin, a Poe fanatic, has re-created many of the torture chambers from his stories and isn’t afraid to use them. Meanwhile, a killer arrives at the doctor’s surgery looking for him to change his appearance to help him evade the law and Vollin sees the perfect instrument for his murderous schemes to woo the young dancer.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Louis Friedlander [real name: Lew Landers]
Copyright MCMXXXV [1935] by Universal Pictures Corp., Carl Laemmle, president
Universal presents
Producer: Carl Laemmle Jr *
Associate Producer: David Diamond
Screenplay: David Boehm
Suggested by Edgar Allan Poe’s immortal classic
Photographer: Charles Stumar
Film Editor: Albert Akst
Music Supervision: Gilbert Kurland
Music: W. Franke Harling *, Heinz Roemheld *, Clifford Vaughan *
Dialogue Director: Florence Enright
Westrex Recording Recording
Art Director: Albert S. D’Agostino
Dance Arrangement: Theodore Kosloff

Karloff [real name: Boris Karloff] (Edmond Bateman)
Lugosi [real name: Bela Lugosi] (Dr Richard Vollin)
Lester Matthews (Dr Jerry Halden)
Irene Ware (Jean Thatcher)
Samuel S. Hinds (Judge Thatcher)
Spencer Charters (Geoffrey)
Inez Courtney (Mary Burns)
Ian Wolfe (Colonel Bertram Grant)
Maidel Turner (Harriet)
Jonathan Hale [doctor] *
Arthur Hoyt [Mr Chapman] *
Walter Miller [doctor] *
Madeline Talcott [nurse] *
Cyril Thornton [butler] *
Helen Ware [bit part] *

Alternative Titles

Der Rabe – German title

Extracts included in
Universal Horror (1998)


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