The Questor Tapes (1974)

USA, 23 January
35mm film, Technicolor, 4:3
mono, English

An American science fiction television film directed by Richard A. Colla.

Plot Summary

Cybernetics genius Dr Vaslovik designs a highly advanced android, then disappears. But the result of his work, Questor, who is completed by his colleagues, is programmed to seek out his creator. But the knowledge in his computerised brain is corrupted and half of the clues as to Vaslovik's whereabouts are missing. Pursued by the authorities, Questor sets out to find the missing scientist with the help of one of his colleagues, Jerry Robinson.


Director: Richard A. Colla
Universal, Jeffrey Hayes Productions
Executive Producer: Gene Roddenberry
Producer: Howie Horowitz
Script: Gene Roddenberry, Gene L. Coon
Story: Gene Roddenberry
Director of Photography: Michael Margulies
Editorial Supervisor: Richard Belding
Editors: Robert L. Kimble, J. Terry Williams
Music: Gil Mellé
Special Photographic Effects: Albert Whitlock
Art Director: Phil Barber

Robert Foxworth (Questor)
Mike Farrell (Jerry Robinson)
John Vernon (Geoffrey B. Darrow)
Lew Ayres (Dr Vaslovik)
James Shigeta (Dr Chen)
Robert Douglas (Dr Michaels)
Dana Wynter (Lady Helena Alexandre Trimbal)
Majel Barrett (Dr Bradley)
Ellen Weston (Allison Sample)
Reuben Singer (Dr Gorlov)
Fred Sadoff (Dr Audret)
Walter Koenig (administrative assistant)
Gerald Saunderson Peters (Randolph)
Eyde Girard (stewardess)
Alan Caillou (immigrations officer)
Lal Baum (Colonel Hendricks)
Patti Cubbison (secretary)



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