The Quest (1986)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An Australian fantasy film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Plot Summary

American orphan Cody lives in Australia with his guardian, Gaza. He becomes involved in strange goings-on in Devil's Knob National Park, events that may have something to do with the aboriginal myth of “frog dreamings”.


Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Middle Reef, UAA Films, Western Film Productions
Executive Producers: David Thomas, John Picton-Warlow, Lynn Barker
Producer: Barbi Taylor
Script: Everett De Roche
Director of Photography: John McLean
Editor: Brian Kavanagh
Music/Musical Director: Brian May
Sound Engineer: Mark Lewis
Costume Designer: Aphrodite Kondos
Make Up: Leeanne White
Hair: Amanda Rowbottom
Production Designer: Jon Dowding

Henry Thomas (Cody)
Tony Barry (Gaza)
Rachel Friend (Wendy)
Tamsin West (Jane)
Dempsey Knight (Charlie Pride)
John Ewart (Ricketts)
Chris Gregory (Wheatley)
Mark Knight (Henry)
Dennis Miller (Mr Cannon)
Katy Manning (Mrs Cannon)
Laurie Dobson (Gleason)
Jay Mannering (Haggard)
Tim Hughes (Beiley)
Howard Eynon (Ranger)
David Ravenswood (Kauffman)
Peter Cummins (Neville)
Amanda Fernbach (Becky)
Marcus Eyre (doctor)
Glen Hunt (Tobins)
Kevin King (Opah)
Vince Quayle (Barney)
El Prezzos (band at dance)
Hugh Bryant, Renae Carol, Laura Christie ()

Alternative Titles

Frog Dreaming
Der Geisterjäger – West German title
The Go-Kids
Henkien taistelu
– Finnish title
Il mistero del lago scuro
– Italian title
The Spirit Chaser
– Swedish video title



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