The Psycho Lover (1969)

USA, 1969
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English


An American horror film directed by Robert Vincent O’Neill.

Plot Summary

A psychiatrist, desperate for a divorce, brainwashes one of his insomniac and psychopathic patients into murdering his wife. But she realises what’s going on and switches place with her husband’s lover.

Directed by: Robert Vincent O’Neill
© 1969 Taos-Libra Films, Inc.
Taos-Libra Productions
Executive Producer: Lou Horowitz
Produced by: Robert Vincent O’Neill
Associate Producer: Gerry Huffaker
Production Manager: Gary Kent
Written by: Robert Vincent O’Neill
Script Girl: Kay Pentecost
Camera: Bob Maxwell
Assistant Camera: Eric Maxwell
Lighting: Mel Maxwell
Key Grip: Chuck Hutchinson
Film Editor: Stan Rabjohn
Editorial Consultant: Steve Faber
Music: Gary LeMel, Norma Green, Jim Helms
Sound Recordist: Don Jones
Wardrobe: Nancy Stone
Make-up: Sherry Steward
Art Director: Ray Markham
Set Dresser: Jim Stinson
Props: Osama M. Kawar

Lawrence Montaigne (Kenneth Alden)
Joanne Meredith (Valerie Alden)
Elizabeth Plumb (Stacey)
Frank Cuva as Marco Everson
John Vincent (Lt Morlock)
Sharon Cook (Debbie)
Diane Jones (Patricia)
Luanne Roberts (Pamela)
David Astor (the counterman)
Judy Lang (Trish)
Lynn Lyon (the dancer)
Charles Victor (Valerie’s doctor)

Alternative Titles

The Lovely Touch – USA (video)
The Loving Touch – USA (video)
The Psycho Killer – UK (video), USA (video)

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Extracts included in
Twisted Sex Vol. 15 (1996)



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