The Prisoner: Checkmate (1967)

UK, 24 November
35mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: The Prisoner – series 1, episode 9

A British science fiction television episode directed by Don Chaffey.

Plot Summary

Number Six believes that he's found a way to differentiate the prisoners from the wardens.

Directed by: Don Chaffey
© I.T.C. Incorporated Television Company Limited MCMLXVII [1967]
An ITC production by Everyman Films Limited
Executive Producer: Patrick McGoohan
Produced by: David Tomblin
Production Manager: Bernard Williams
Written by: Gerald Kelsey
Script Editor: George Markstein
Assistant Director: Gino Marotta
Continuity: Doris Martin
Director of Photography: Brendan J. Stafford
Camera Operator: Jack Lowin
Cameraman (2nd Unit): Robert Monks
Editor: Lee Doig
Theme by: Ron Grainer
Music Editor: Bob Dearberg
Sound Recordist: John Bramall
Sound Editor: Clive Smith
Wardrobe: Masada Wilmot
Make-up: Eddie Knight
Hairdressing: Pat McDermot
Art Director: Jack Shampan
Set Dresser: Kenneth Bridgeman
Casting Director: Rose Tobias-shaw
Made on location and at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Borehamwood, England

Patrick McGoohan [the prisoner]
Ronald Radd (Rook)
Patricia Jessel (1st psychiatrist)
Peter Wyngarde (Number Two)
Rosalie Crutchley (Queen)
George Coulouris (man with the stick)
Angelo Muscat (the butler)
Bee Duffell (2nd psychiatrist)
Basil Dignam (supervisor)
Danvers Walker (painter)
Denis Shaw (shopkeeper)
Victor Platt (assistant supervisor)
Shivaun O'Casey (nurse)
Geoffrey Reed (skipper)
Terence Donovan (sailor)
Joe Dunne (1st tower guard)
Romo Gorrara (2nd tower guard)