The Possession of Joel Delaney (1971)

UK, 1971
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Waris Hussein.

Plot Summary

A woman comes to suspect that her brother has been possessed by a voodoo spirit.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Waris Hussein
© ITC Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMLXXI [1971]
ITC presents
Produced by: Martin Poll *
In Charge of Production: George Justin
Screenplay by: Matt Robinson and Grimes Grice [real name: Irene Kamp]
Based on a novel by Ramona Stewart
Assistant Directors: Alan Hopkins, Alex Hapsas, Mike Haley
Script Supervisor: Roberta Hodes
Director of Photography: Arthur J. Ornitz
Camera Operator: Lou Barlia
Gaffer: William Meyerhoff
Grip: Charles Kolb
Film Editor: John Victor Smith
Post Production at: Twickenham Studios, England
Music Composed and Directed by: Joe Raposo
Sound: Dick Gramaglia
Sound Mixer: Gerry Humphreys
Dubbing Editor: Dino Di Campo
Costumes Designed by: Frank Thompson
Wardrobe: Marilyn Putnam
Make Up Artist: Saul Meth
Hair Stylist: Lee Trent
Production Designer: Peter Murton
Art Director: Philip Rosenberg
Set Decorator: Edward Stewart
Avis Rent-a-Car Systems Inc. Cars and Trucks Provided by: Avis Rent-a-Car Systems Inc.
Filmed entirely on location in New York
Casting: Jessica Levy
Extra Casting: Vic Ramos

Shirley MacLaine (Norah Benson)
Perry King (Joel Delaney)
David Elliott (Peter Benson)
Lisa Kohane (Carrie Benson)
Lovelady Powell (Erika)
Barbara Trentham (Sherry)
Miriam Colon (Veronica)
Edmundo Rivera Álvarez (Don Pedro)
Teodorina Bello (Mrs Perez)
Robert Burr (Ted Benson)
Ernesto Gonzalez (young man at seance)
Peter Turgeon (Detective Brady)
William Hawley
Aukie Herger (Mr Perez)
Earl Hyman (Charles)
Marita Lindholm (Marta Benson)
Paulita Iglesias (brujo at seance)
Stan Watt (James)
Michael Hordern as Justin

Alternative Titles

Besat af djævelen – Denmark
Opetanie Joela Delaneya – Poland
Outo mahti – Finland
Posesión – Spain
Possession – legame di sangue – Italy
Possession meurtrière – France
Possuídos Pelo Mal – Brazil
Possuídos Pelo Poder Maligno – Brazil
Sapik ruhlar – Turkey
Távozz, barátom! – Hungary
Ypothesi Joel Delaney – Greece



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