The Pit (1962)

27m 47s, 2,500 feet
35mm film, black and white
mono, no language
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A British short horror film directed by Edward Abraham.

Plot Summary

A prisoner escapes a pendulum only to find that the walls of his dreary cell are glowing red hot, moving and pushing him closer to an apparently bottomless pit in the centre of the room.


Directed by: Edward Abraham
© 1962 Edward Abraham, The British Film Institute
A film entirely financed by the Experimental Film Fund. A British Film Institute experimental production
Produced by: Edward Abraham
Screenplay: Edward Abraham
From the story by Edgar Allan Poe
Assistant Directors: Peter Collinson, Richard Bigham
Cameraman: Gus Coma
Lighting: Hedley Versey
Chief Electrician: Richard Vivian
Editor: Barrie Vince
Music: Leslie Harverson
Sound: Cyril Vine, Bill Sutton
Dubbing Editor: Michael Crouch
RCA Sound Recording
Titles: Peter Lewington
Design: Gregory Lawson
Special Properties: Dennis Rowlands
Studio Crew: Bob King, Bob Wheeler
General Assistants: Valerie Abraham, Don McAllister, Laurie Osborne, Kathryn Versey, Leslie Vivian
The producers wish to thank the staff and management of Southern Television Limited without whose generous co-operation this film could not have been made

Brian Peck (the prisoner)
Burt Betts, Dave Lloyd (chief inquisitors)