The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

USA, 1984
102m, 9125 feet
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Stewart Raffill

Plot Summary

During World War II, The US Navy experiments with an anti-radar device that renders the USS Philadelphia momentarily invisible. When it returns, most of the crew are dead-but two have been thrown into the future and have to find a way to cope with life in 1984.


Directed by: Stewart Raffill
© 1984 by New World Pictures and Cinema Group Venture
New World Pictures and Cinema Group present a Douglas Curtis production in association with New Pictures Group
Executive Producer: John Carpenter
Produced by: Joel B. Michaels, Douglas Curtis
Associate Producer: Pegi Brotman
Screenplay by: William Gray, Michael Janover
Story by: Wallace Bennett, Don Jakoby
Director of Photography: Dick Bush
Edited by: Neil Travis
Editor: William Hoy
Music by: Kenneth Wannberg
Sound Mixer: Bob Gravenor
Costumer: Joanna Palace
Makeup: Annie Maniscalco
Hair: Joe Giannone
Special Effects: Special Effects Unlimited, Inc.
Special Visual Effects: Max W. Anderson
Special Visual Effects by: Cinemotion Pictures Incorporated
Art Director: Chris Campbell
Casting by: Linda Francis
Filmed in Hollywood at Laird International Studios/GMT Studios and on location in Charleston, South Carolina, Salt Lake City, Utah, Wendover, Utah

Michael Paré (David Herdeg)
Nancy Allen (Allison [Hayes])
Eric Christmas ([Dr James] Longstreet)
Bobby Di Cicco (Jim Parker)
Louise Latham (Pamela)
Kene Holliday (Major Clark)
Joe Dorsey (Sheriff Bates)
Michael Currie (Magnussen)
Stephen Tobolowsky (Barney)
Gary Brockette (Adjutant/Andrews)
Debra Troyer (young Pamela)
Miles McNamara (young Longstreet)
Ralph Manza (older Jim)
James Edgcomb (Officer Boyer)
Glenn Morshower (mechanic)
Rodney Saulsberry (doctor)
Vivian Brown (Ma Willis)
Stephanie Faulkner (TV newscaster #1)
Ed Bakey (Pa Willis)
Michael Villani (TV newscaster #2)

Alternative Titles

Eksperyment filadelfijski – Poland
Experiment Philadelphia – Sweden
El experimento Filadelfia – Spain
Philadelphia Experiment – France
Das Philadelphia Experiment – West Germany
Tuhon kuilu – Finland

Philadelphia Experiment II (1993)

Includes extracts from
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
Spawn of the Slithis (1978)



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