The Passions of Carol (1975)

USA, 1975
16mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American pornographic fantasy film directed by Shaun Costello using the pseudonym Amanda Barton. The plot is based loosely on Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol.

Plot Summary

A hardcore porn version of A Christmas Carol.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Amanda Barton [real name: Shaun Costello]
[copyright not given on screen]
Ambar Productions *
Produced by: Shaun Costello *
Production Coordinator: Nicola Fischer *
Screenplay: Amanda Barton [real name: Shaun Costello]
Novel: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens *
Assistant Director: Brenda Morgenstern [real name: Rhoda Morgenstern]
Director of Photography: Bill Markle *
Lighting by: Jackson Rider and Pietro Nevardi
Key Grip: John Corleone
Dolly Grip: Peter Nevard *
Camera: Mitchell 16 *
Editor: Shaun Costello *
Labs: Guffanti Film Laboratory, USA *
Sound: Ravla Graguts [real name: Alvar Stugard]
Costumes by: Helene
Makeup: Candy Gross
Special Effects: Shaun Costello, Peter Nevard *
Title Designer: Shaun Costello *
Production Design by: Craig Esposito
Set Decorators: David Wool [real name: Craig Esposito], Shelly Slater, Harriette Springer *
Production Assistant: Dan Teager *

Merrie Holiday [real name: Mary Stuart] (Carol Scrooge)
Kim Pope and Jamie Gillis as ‘The Hatchets’ [(Barbara and Bob Hatchet]
Arturo Millhouse, Kevin André, Helmuth Richler [real name: Shaun Costello] as The Spirits [Arturo Millhouse (The Spirit of Christmas Past), Kevin André (The Spirit of Christmas Present), Helmuth Richler (The Ghost of Many Credit Cards/The Spirit of Christmas Future)]
Rose Cranston [real name: Susan Sloan] (Barbie White)
Daniela Di Orici [real name: Day Jason] (Gina)
Angela Dermer [real name: Toni Scott] (Carol Scrooge’s maid)
Marc Stevens (Lance Marley’s ghost)
Sonny Landham (Kurt Reynolds)
Alan Barow [real name: Alan Marlow] (Billy Baxter)
Stuart Dickerson [real name: Ashley Moore] (prostitute’s client)
Alan Grodin [real name: Carter Stevens]


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